…and then it 終わっちゃった。

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018: Ace Rep 001

with Golden Week and this year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride having now come to an end, a huge otsukaresama deshita to everyone who attended / participated! and a sincere thank you to everyone who came out and walked in the parade with us and / or joined in on the meetup(s) this past weekend. Pride wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without you . 🙂

this past Saturday, Nijiiro Gakkou (ie. “Nijikou”, a local NPO) hosted its biggest meetup yet as a part of Pride Week events– a week of community events in and around the Greater Tokyo area leading up to the Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festival and Parade. around 80 people attended who identified as ace, on the ace spectrum and / or questioning and Queenie and i had the pleasure of being ‘special guests’, talking about “the state of asexuality outside of Japan” (or rather, more specifically “in America”). was great to see so many people brought together to talk about asexuality and to meetup with fellow aces– many of who did so for the first time at this event. it was also great for me personally to meet people whom i hadn’t seen since last Pride, if that.

the following day (yesterday) was the climax of Pride with the Pride Parade as its highlight— Ayumi Hamasaki’s live performance aside– and it was a blast! the Festival itself was noticeably bigger this year than last year, which was reflected in every aspect of Pride this year, including the Parade which had more floats and sponsors than ever before.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018: Ace Rep 001

this year, as last year, Ace Spec Japan walked with Nijikou, whose theme for this year’s float was  「Asexual Pride 〜恋は自由ー」 or “Asexual Pride ~Love is Free” and wow, did they go all out! they handmade enough ace flags– big and small– for every person walking with them to have a flag to hold and even had extra to give away to people on the streets. if you want to see glimpses of ~30 ace flags flying through the streets of Harajuku / Shibuya, be sure to check my personal blog for more photos, coming soon.

afterwards, some enjoyed the Festival, others enjoyed some much needed R&R at a picnic hosted by Stonewall Japan (who also handmade ace and demi flags, among others, and walked in the parade) i herded cats came across random ace after random ace thanks to having a big flag myself and random Nijikou flags and ace pins running around in the wild.

i feel like i end up saying something to this effect every year after TRP, but increased ace visibility even just thanks to merch being for sale or given away at Pride makes so much of a difference. ❤


eventually us cats we all came back together and had a great meetup at our seemingly-“usual”-by-now pizza place, followed by obligatory cupcakes.

i don’t know about anyone else, but i had a great time this year…! all the while, more than happy to slip into a post-Pride hibernation until the next meetup. that is, once i’ve pump out the photos…

otsukare and thanks again, everyone.

ー Vesper

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