🌈2018 Tokyo Pride Festival / Parade / Meetup

it’s that time of the year again….!
time for all hell to bre– errr…

time to dust off your pride gear and meetup in Tokyo for some good ol’ Fun Times™… and stuff!

to find out more about Tokyo Rainbow Pride in general see the official TRP website: https://tokyorainbowpride.com


Date: May 6th, 2018 (Sun)
Lineup Time: 11:00~
Start Time: 12:00 ~
for more detailed information regarding when and where we will meet ahead of the parade, please contact Vesper in advance.


Date: May 6th, 2018
Time: 16:00 ~
Initial Meetup Spot: contact Vesper for more information
Destination: TBD, but it will involve food goddamnit
i know this is shoddy, halfassed information to go on and i apologize for dragging my feet in organizing this, but for those who’d like to meet other aces but cant or would rather not go to Pride itself and / or walk in the parade, here’s your chance!
for more detailed information, please contact Vesper.
looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it! if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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